3 great restaurants to check out in Boerne, Texas

Looking to get some quality chow in a nice and enjoyable setting? Even in a smaller city like Boerne, Texas sifting through the many different restaurants to find those that speak to you can be difficult. Here are 3 great dining places you can rely on year-round to fill your stomach with quality food.

 Great restaurants in Boerne, Texas

Mary’s Tacos: A taco place making the top of a Texan restaurants list? One taste of Mary’s food will be enough for you to find out why. Mary’s taco joint delivers good food with no nonsense, especially to those that are just passing through – arrive, order, pay, and you’re all set with some great tacos. The lack of an exclusive location and fancy dining quarters is compensated with terrific food: aside from being well-made, the tacos come in virtually every size and flavor. If you ever caught yourself wanting to try a less-common taco or one with some of the more daring ingredients, Mary’s should be your first stop. It’s not much to host a fancy dinner, but it’ll get you full while making you feel pretty good about it.

The Dodging Duck: Had Dodging Duck’s ducks done a better job of dodging, we might not have had the fortune of ending up with such a delectable menu. As it is, this restaurant – aside from letting you see live ducks walk about across the street – offers a nice and cozy atmosphere for any dining needs you might have. While there’s a clear ‘duck theme’ to many of the dishes, there’s plenty of other game to choose from as the restaurant serves virtually everything you could hope to find in a Texan diner, from grilled ribs to gluten-free sandwiches. The place also doubles up as a microbrewery – many lovers of beer find themselves perpetually unsatisfied with commercial beers and focus on trying something closer to home instead. Dodging Duck’s brews aren’t as varied as its food, but are nonetheless worth the trip on their own – the restaurant should find its way on most microbrewery lists.

Snowflake Donuts: Yet another entry on Boerne’s top restaurants list not making it there due to exclusivity or prestige, but instead on plain good food alone. This time, the meal of choice is no other than the health-conscious and nutritious donut. Okay, maybe it’s not all that, but how can you care when it tastes so good? Snowflake’s joint certainly won’t be winning interior decor awards any time soon, but the customers don’t really care all that much – they’re there for some top-notch donuts, and there’s no shortage of those to choose from. Like other restaurants on the list, Snowflake Donuts also bravely dabbles in selling food other than its namesake: tasty fritters and croissants are just one example of an ‘additional dish’. Most will come and return for the donuts, though, and they’re definitely the main attraction. If you never considered yourself a donut connoisseur, Snowflake might turn you – the sheer amount of different types and styles to choose from means that one or two are bound to become your favorite dessert.