Things to do while visiting Dallas, Texas

Being one of Texas’ top cities, Dallas offers no shortage of places to see and things to do to its visitors. If anything, getting organized so that you can make all the necessary stops can be tough. To help you, here is some stuff you can do to make your Dallas visit fun while staying on-point. You can…

 What to do in Dallas, Texas

…partake in one of the Segway Tours. These will usually cover one of Dallas’ key places of interest, like monuments or historical buildings. Of course, presenters are always faced with the difficult task of shifting focus away from the Segway devices and onto the actual subject. If you never stepped on one, these tours are the best excuse to do so, and they’re bound to be memorable experience no matter where you’re coming from.

…hang out with the Dallas Aquarium animals. For an ‘aquarium’, the Dallas World Aquarium has a surprising amount of exotic land animals to pique your interest with. When you’re not observing a manatee in all its glory, you’ll be thinking about capturing a monkey’s attention or staying outside a jaguar’s field of view, all without making a dent in your pocket as the entry fee is affordable for everyone.

…learn from the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum: Okay, maybe you’re not the biggest fan of our former president. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn a great deal about our country and its history from his namesake library and museum. If you ever wondered about certain aspects of his presidency but were afraid to ask or would simply enjoy an interactive journey through some of this nation’s great history, the GWB Library and Museum is a must-visit during your trip to Dallas.

…joust at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament: Dallas is fortunate enough to act as one of the headquarters for this well-known tourney. Feeling the brunt of modern life weighing heavily on you? Do you sometimes feel like giving up your Whole Foods and hybrid vehicle for a lance, some armor and a trusty steed? Medieval Times isn’t going to make you into a knight, but it will still clue you in on what life was like during the ‘simpler simpler’ times while also providing enough action for the entire family.

…hike through the Trinity Forest Adventure Park: It’s a big city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with nature. Trinity Forest Park lets you hike, bike and stroll through some amazing natural scenery while also giving you plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. Be sure to check out the park whenever you’re looking for a good workout and are tired of the city’s urban areas.

…feel like an astronaut at Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park: Hiking is good, but nothing quite says workout like jumping through air in a seemingly-weightless state, right? Well, Zero-G Thrill Park offers you just that – the chance to lift the weight from your shoulders in the most literal sense. When you’re not jumping and floating, you’ll no doubt indulge in some of the park’s other amazing rides – everything there is cheap and is sure to stick with you for a long while.